Avid Trip Planner offers several different options to create an intriguing, highly specific but flexible itinerary or travel package for you. Our prices reflect services for each destination, up to 4 travelers.

Bronze Package – $50

  • Booking of air fare, hotel and/or rental car


Silver Package – $125

  • Bronze package +
  • Complete research of area, activities and public transportation
  • Booking of standard tours


Gold Package – $200

  • Bronze package + Silver package +
  • Complete analysis of all aspects of your trip
  • Top of the line tours/excursions/day trips
  • Restaurant research and recommendations
  • Ticket bookings for special presentations (theater, symphony, music venues, art exhibits, etc)
  • Custom travel guidebook containing reservations, phone numbers, emergency numbers, key phrases (if applicable), and information on destination(s) to bring with you on your trip as a handy reference.
  • After trip Keepsake photo book of your travels created for you by Avid Trip Planner

Trip Add-Ons:

  • Eco-Friendly Travel Package- $35
  • TerraPass purchase- Any amount desired or an equal purchase to trip emissions