Your personal trip planning services may include:

* Exclusive and private consultations.

  • An initial email/phone/Skype session to learn your travel preferences, activity interests and budget.
  • Follow-up communications as necessary.
  • Other materials that include detailed information about your tastes for the best possible options.

* A suggested itinerary of highly recommended and unique destinations including but not limited to:

  • museums
  • places/landmarks
  • parks
  • dazzling scenery
  • outdoor activities
  • special/unique points of interest

* Arrangement of all air travel to/from each destination.

* Ground transportation to/from the airport on either or both ends of your trip.

* Car rentals.

* Bookings for day trips, tours and excursions.

* Ideas for Alternative, less traveled destinations for that ‘off-the-beaten-path’ experience.

* Custom maps and information to help you navigate, orientate or simply understand where your destination(s) are positioned on the globe.

* Data vital to travel:

  • cultural observations
  • social/political issues
  • food
  • currency
  • visas

* Lists of current events to safeguard against issues such as: health, personal safety, or other important considerations if needed.

Cost approximation for all suggested options based on the best accessible and current information.

Personal observations and anecdotes from Avid Trip Planner’s experiences at your destinations, if applicable.