San Miguel de Allende has a calm that is utterly unique and it’s easy to see why. Cobble-stoned streets, a buzz from the local mercado and sun drenched mountains make life in this lovely, Spanish colonial town a dream come true. From the laughter of 
children in the hub of el Jardín, to the solemn procession of worshipers to la Parroquia to the intricate blooms of the jacaranda; San Miguel de Allende is alive with charm all year long. A World UNESCO Heritage site since 2008, this charming, laid-back village is the embodiment of Mexican history having been established as a protectorate of the Antigua Camino Real or “Silver Route” from Zacatecas to Guanajuato to Mexico City. Since 1542, San Miguel de Allende has drawn people from far and wide to be a part of it’s lively traditions, rich culture and myriad activities.

You’ll quickly see why so many say that one visit is all it takes to feel the warmth and vibrancy of San Miguel de Allende and be ‘hooked’. You’ll find there never seems to be enough time to do all there is to do, see and experience in San Miguel de Allende. The only solution to that problem is to come back again and again and again




Wander through trendy boutiques to find that special item or amble through the mercado to shop like a true local. Artisans take great pride in living and working in San Miguel de Allende and they are more than happy to help you find that perfect gift item to take home or decorate your whole house here in the city. San Miguel de Allende has something for all your eclectic tastes.

Sample the ultimate in international cuisine or local culinary favorites right in the heart of el Centro. Trendy bars offer the latest in music and the pop culture scene. Wanting a more laid-back and sophisticated atmosphere? Sip your classy cocktails on top of the Rosewood hotel or many other roof top bars and restaurants for unparalleled views of the city.

Looking for a little excitement? San Miguel de Allende can get your pulse racing with a plethora of activities. Golf, dance or perhaps the chance to experience a true Mexican bull fight would get your blood pumping. Feed your zest for life with a wide variety of activities right here in San Miguel de Allende. Experience everything from a sunrise flight in a hot air balloon to hiking and biking adventures to a day at the spa. And don’t forget the traditional Mexican holidays.

Spanish classes are among the most popular with residents who wish to become fluent or just survive. Painting courses are abundant as well as yoga, pilates and dance. What a perfect way to pass the days while learning something new and meeting new friends from San Miguel de Allende and all over the world.

San Miguel de Allende also offers the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and rejoice in the splendor that is at the heart of Mexico. With state-of-the-art spas, wellness centers and therapeutic hot springs you can invigorate your body and soothe your tension away to calm your inner spirit.

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The arts are alive and well in San Miguel de Allende and they’re waiting for you. With world-renown musicians making San Miguel de Allende a primary stop on their world tours, your toes will tap and your soul will soar listening to every genre of music available. From opera to jazz to blues and pop, there’s something to satisfy all your inner musical desires. Likewise, don’t let the plethora of art galleries pass you by. Experience the wonder of San Miguel de Allende through thousands of artist’s eyes in many different mediums. Come see why San Miguel de Allende is quickly becoming an international art center. You won’t be disappointed. We promise.

Never before has the true Mexico been so accessible and so close than here in San Miguel de Allende. Come feel the warmth, the passion and the serenity of this amazing community. Make it a week, Make it a month, Make it a lifetime… Make it San Miguel de Allende.

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