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Visit the magical town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to take part in the Magic Town Music Festival on

March 11, 2017.

‘El Corazón de México’ awaits.

For a limited time, Avid Trip Planner will be offering travel packages to attend this year’s festival. You can choose from several packages to ensure a treasured experience in and around San Miguel de Allende as well as the festival that benefits our spot-lighted charities, Casa de Los Ángeles and The Love Life Foundation.


Services offered in any combination of:

* Flights to/from the festival.

* Transfer to/from the airport.

* 3.5 star hotel accommodations.

Upgrade your package to include entrance to the festival and/or attend the VIP gala on Friday, March 11, 2016.

Event pass- $35 USD ($25 in advance)
VIP section – $100 USD
VIP gala- $100 USD

VIP passes to the event include entry to our amazing venue, Cultural Santa Maria del Obraje! 6 free drink tickets , scrumptious buffet, exclusive seating in the lush, semi-private area and the best spot in the venue!

Please contact Avid Trip Planner for more information and pricing on all packages.

Visit the Magic Town Music Facebook page and the 2017  Magic Town Music Festival website for detailed information on artists, San Miguel de Allende as well as VIP information.