Now, you can experience the sparkling city of San Miguel de Allende like never before! The Magic Town Music Festival is thrilled to bring together musicians from both north and south of the border to the enchanting town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to benefit the local invaluable charity of Casa de Los Ángeles. This one-of-a-kind opportunity artfully blends the beauty of el corazón de México, spectacular music and the joy of giving.




San Miguel de Allende has a calm that is utterly unique and it’s easy to see why. Cobble-stoned streets, buzz from the local mercado and sun-drenched mountains to make life in this lovely, Spanish colonial town a dream come true. From the laughter of 
children in the hub of el Jardín to the solemn procession of worshipers to la Parroquia to the intricate blooms of the jacaranda; San Miguel de Allende is alive with charm all year long. A World UNESCO Heritage site since 2008, this charming, laid-back village is the embodiment of Mexican history having been established as a protectorate of the Antigua Camino Real or “Silver Route” from Zacatecas to Guanajuato to Mexico City. Since 1542, San Miguel de Allende has drawn people from far and wide to be a part of it’s lively traditions, rich culture and myriad activities.


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Photo Credit: Lindley Johnson




Casa de los Ángeles, founded in 2000 as a free daycare for children of single mothers serving the San Miguel de Allende community’s poorest families, has blossomed into a community center providing medical care,  food bank, emergency shelter, transitional housing and scholarships, as well as other services. In the spirit of community, Casa de los Angeles families are required to participate in the life of the daycare center by giving one hour of service for each day their child is present. Today, Casa de los Angeles serves 100 children from infants to four years of age, ensuring food is in their bellies, their minds are challenged, their bodies are healthy, and that there’s a smile on every face.


Contact Avid Trip Planner today to book this memorable, musical trip. For more information, visit Magic Town Music Festival. 100% of all proceeds from MTMF bookings go directly to Casa de los Ángeles.