For centuries, people have been under the spell of the continent and people of Asia. It is the largest continent in the world containing 30% of the earth’s land area and is the most populous having 60% of the world’s current human population. With all that land and people to discover, you’re sure to find the best and most unique travel experiences the world has to offer. Asia differs very widely among and within its regions with regard to ethnic groups, cultures, environments, economics, historical ties and government systems, so let’s get moving!

This mystical land will entice you with it’s exotic charms and intrigue you with it’s vibrant culture of tradition and honor. Asia, a latin word meaning ‘the east’, has an overabundance of countries (almost 50) which possess a richness and warmth all their own that is just waiting to be discovered. From exotic Japan in the east to the intense mountainous terrain of Nepal to the glorious western boundary that is Turkey. Isn’t it time you experienced the alluring sights, sounds and tastes of Asia?

Countries to explore: