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Buckingham Fountain    If you’ve ever looked into making travel arrangements on you own, you know it can be a daunting process and are painfully aware of all the thousands of options that are on the internet. Where to stay? What to do? When to go? Don’t have time or don’t want to sift through thousands of reviews, flights and reservation websites? Relax and let Avid Trip Planner take over the process for you to save time, money and energy as well as offer lodging, sights and services that you may never have known existed.

Through personal travel and research, Avid Trip Planner has gathered extensive amounts of knowledge and information
IMG_2064 for some of the most sought after destinations and secluded gems of the world. With this broad travel background, Avid Trip Planner is able to offer you the best and quickest way for you to experience a romantic weekend away, family vacation or the international trip of a lifetime.  Specialize in trip planning and advice for specific international locations, U.S. national parks and general aviation trip planning, Avid Trip Planner also offers comprehensive trip planning services to bring you a quality and memorable trip to any destination you choose.

10904465_10206087832221683_588935987122414449_oLet Avid Trip Planner do all the work to create a custom travel itinerary to suit your every need. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or have traveled around the world, know that I will take care of every detail to your satisfaction. So, If you want to travel around the block, around the country or around the globe, Avid Trip Planner can get you there.